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Earth Friendliness

I'm trying to be more environmentally friendly. I save all the paper I want to get rid of in paper grocery bags. I wait and wait until the day I can put my paper in the back alley to be picked up. In Baltimore, paper and bottle recycling days are different days and tend to be a couple of weeks apart. Since they're few and far between, I often forget, so there were three bags of paper (quite heavy!) to be taken outside for the morning pick up. I felt so guilt free! It was a relief to know that that paper is destined to become MORE paper. Being an artist, I have a special appreciation for paper. Unfortunately and ironically, this paper recycling day coincided with regular garbage day. Adam happened to catch, from the bathroom window, the garbage men pick up our several months worth of saved paper and put it right into the garbage truck along with the neighbors' regular trash. What were we to do?

I'm heartbroken.

Other thoughts on earth-friendliness:

Plastic bags
Dude, I HATE plastic bags. I've had my fill of them. They build up in my apartment because I don't want to put them in with the regular trash since I don't think of them as disposable. I bring my own heavy duty bags to the store now, and the amount of bags in my apartment has gone WAY down. Cashiers don't seem to mind. I was a cashier and I loved it when people brought their own bags. Adam and I give cashiers the added bonus of bagging items ourselves and they often thank us.

I've found other uses for these flimsy little demons. It's nearly impossible to stop them from ever entering my home, after all. They're good for padding in packages, carrying stuff, enclosing particularly stinky items (by tying up the handles), lining little garbage cans and waterproofing.

I found this amusing/sad image gallery at

Bag Fence
It's called a bag fence. It's supposed to keep shopping bags from blowing out of the landfill.

I have more thoughts, but I'll post them one at a time when I feel like it..
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